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Mada LED Displays is your one-stop shop for high-quality LED displays. We offer a wide variety of LED displays to meet your needs, including indoor and outdoor displays, commercial and residential displays, and more. Our LED displays are made with the highest quality materials and are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

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We provide innovative solutions to meet your unique needs

We at our store offer a variety of services and innovative features to meet your LED display business needs. We are committed to providing effective marketing solutions that help you excel in the technical display market. Whether you need custom design, high quality, flexible installation, or outstanding technical support, you can count on us to meet your needs with professionalism and exceptional quality. Discover with us innovative services and features that help you reach a wider audience and enhance the success of your business

Custom and professional design

We provide innovative and customized designs to meet your unique needs, whether it is for advertisements, presentations, or trade shows.

High quality and charming colours

Our screens are characterized by high quality and charming color display that enhances the attractiveness of your content and provides an exceptional visual experience for viewers

Flexibility of installation and use

Our screens are very flexible in installation and use, allowing you to easily adjust and adapt the screen according to the needs of the venue.

Outstanding technical support and customer service

"We are keen on our customers' satisfaction, which is why we provide outstanding technical support and exceptional customer service to ensure an optimal experience and innovative solutions to your needs.



Our Products

P2.5 Indoor Display

High-resolution LED screen for indoor use. Ideal for clear and vibrant visuals in places like retail stores, control rooms, and conference venues.

P4 indoor display

A 4mm pixel pitch LED screen designed for indoor use. It offers a medium pixel density, making it suitable for indoor applications where viewers are in close proximity to the screen. It provides clear and attractive visuals, making it a good choice for various indoor environments such as retail stores, offices, exhibitions, and showrooms.

P5 Indoor Display

P5 Indoor LED Displays deliver stunning visual performance with a 5mm pixel pitch. For an optimal viewing experience, it is recommended to maintain a suitable viewing distance of approximately 5 to 10 meters for clear and amazing imagery.

P10 RGB outdoor

The P10 RGB Outdoor display is a high-definition LED lighting screen that can be used outdoors. It features customizable multi-colors and advanced LED technology, providing clear and sharp images even in bright environments. The screen is perfect for outdoor displays, advertisements, events, and commercial presentations.

P6.67 outdoor

The P6.67 LED Outdoor display is a high-definition LED lighting screen that can be used outdoors. It features high pixel density and advanced LED technology, enabling the display of clear and sharp images even in bright lighting conditions. The screen is suitable for use in outdoor events, commercial advertisements, and interactive presentations.

P4 outdoor

P4 Outdoor LED Displays with a 4mm pixel pitch offer exceptional visual performance for outdoor settings. With their weather-resistant design, they can withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor advertising and events. The P4 Outdoor LED Displays provide an optimal viewing experience from a distance of approximately 4 to 8 meters, ensuring clear and impactful visuals for the audience.